FW24-25 Environments & Design Trends:

“Dreaming of creating a resilient and virtuous society and of designing desirable futures, creativity is boosted by references from the past, eco-friendly innovations and multiple mythologies”

In a world under tension, with a succession of multiple crises, creativity is being used to benefit society. Seeking to provide a positive vision of the future and make it enchanting once more, it is nurtured by tales and legends, real as well as by fantasized references from the past, and universal dreams of happiness and emotion.

Consequently, it fluctuates, sometimes embodying beneficial and poetic escape, at times presenting tangible, pragmatic and innovative solutions to issues of sustainability, or even assuming protective, almost defensive adornment.

While its aesthetics vary, they are all mindful responses to multiple contemporary challenges and update the notions of craftsmanship and design in a search for ever more responsible meaning.

Our FW24-25 Environments & Design trends book is the essential tool for deciphering the major Home & Design trends. It highlights 4 lifestyle value platforms and translates them into creative scenarios aligned with emerging consumer attitudes.

  • A selection of key colors and materials, fabrics and materials samples, inspiring decors and finishing to update products and storytelling.
  • A methodology that extends from the product to its retail environment and visual identity

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