This season in our SS25 Men’s Fashion trend book: “better living, a manifesto for a better tomorrow”

Over the past few seasons, menswear has gone through major changes. The desire to break down established norms and explore new realms of imagination in which the notions of pleasure and well-being are crucial has created a freer, more diverse space, where people can be themselves.

From this need to take care of yourself, others and the world emerges a new form of conscious, collective hedonism, where tailoring transgresses gender with a soft and fluid twist. Innovation, science and nature unite to create a new, sustainable, gentle harmony.

Cultivate emotion, authenticity and know-how, in order to reactivate your instinct and make your heritage come alive. The expression of uniquenesses and identities is amplified with festivity and exuberance. Well-being is the new normal, paving the way to a better future.

Our SS25 Men’s Fashion trend book is an indispensable market reference designed to meet the needs of all segments of men’s fashion. A vital tool for identifying new fashion and lifestyle influences, key products, materials and crucial color ranges for building fashionable wardrobes each season. Focus on sustainable practices and essential and sustainable products, exclusive products presented in vector graphics, patterns and decorations of the season.

Our trend book use our Archestyles® methodology: a new methodology to decipher the evolution of consumers and brands.

In a world where trend cycles are accelerating constantly, new gender expressions are rapidly appearing or disappearing. This frantic pace, accompanied by the growing complexity of today’s society, is revealing the limitations of traditional market segmentation models when it comes to identifying consumers’ expectations and aspirations. To better understand and analyze these changes, Peclers Paris has developed a unique methodology, which is both qualitative and dynamic: the Archestyles®.

Archestyles® allows for a more subtle understanding of individuals’ desires, and make it possible to better meet their expectations when it comes to products, services, in-store experiences, etc. Peclers Paris’ trend books define the Archestyles® from a projective viewpoint, enrich them and adjust them dynamically to current trends.