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Julie Dao Duy

LOVE THYSELF A Key Trend from the theme “Nurturing Empathy” from the Futur(s) 13 Trend Book.The diktats of appearance and photoshopped beauty have altered the way we see “real people” and ourselves. With empathic awareness comes a reconciled vision of human nature that makes us bet-ter appreciate the value of care, authenticity and the pleasure of “being-in-the-world”. Celebrating the simplicity and beauty of real relationships and emotions also helps us redefine and love our-selves.EMERGING SIGNS

1. BEAUTIFUL, OF COURSE! In 2013, in reaction to a statement made by Abercrombie & Fitch CEO M. Jeffries, blogger The Mili-tant Baker published a series of photos titled “Attractive and Fat”. “I was inspired by the opportunity to show that I am secure in my skin […] and I challenge the separation of attractive and fat,” she declared in an activist charge against fashion’s aesthetic archetypes.2. IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. A global phenomenon (more than 163 million views on YouTube), Dove’s 2012 campaign Real Beauty Sketches showed how empathy influences our perception of physical beauty. In the ad, a FBI-trained forensics artist drew portraits of women based on their own descriptions, and later based on those of other people, the first being systematically less flattering then the second.3. THE BEAUTY OF BEING. French philosopher C. Pépin suggests, in Quand la beauté nous sauve (When beauty saves us, 2013) that aesthetic satisfaction is akin to opening a door to one’s inner self. He invites us to love without questioning and to disregard the cultural biases that affect perceptions. According to the author, beauty is nothing more than a mysterious marvel that makes us appreciate the joy of being mindfully in the moment, in the world.FUTUR(S) INSIGHT: FREEING SELF-ESTEEMThe aspiration to win back one’s self-esteem is obvious today. Tomorrow, consumers will want to know and learn to appreciate themselves via authentic interactions with others. This will manifest itself in the celebration of real and alive, non-violent beauty, and of natural imperfections, together with embracing indulgence.INNOVATION TERRITORY: KINDLY DESIGNEDTargeting mood, morale and the senses to develop a new approach to well being: uplifiting, comforting and soothing, psychologically as well as physiologically.

1. Mycoocoon Project by V. Corcias & D. Kelly. This space designed for well being, uses chromo energy to stimulate emotions, experience color vibrations and awaken the five senses, enhancing inner harmony.2. Emergency Compliments by M. Senks. To help one feel better and boost one’s ego in cases of acute insecurity, these emergency compliments come in a practical flashcard format.3. Mama Skin by GBH for Mama Shelter. The Parisian hotel chain has partnered with organic cosmetic brand Absolution to create a beauty care range with comforting messages such as “Mama loves you top to bottom or Mama only wants what’s best for you”.From empathy to mindful living, from normality to imperfection, what are the new codes in beauty, what is our new relationship ? Read it all in our latest edition Futur(s) 14.