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Jun 13, 2014Julie Dao Duy

Be they passing fads or big concepts that convey deep trends, the words featured in our TRENDSPEDIA section on Peclers+ shed light on what’s happening in society, culture or the media for you. From the ‘BIY’ (blend it yourself) beauty trend to the phenomenon of ‘instabranding’, not forgetting ‘nodels’, the new faces of fashion, explore three terms to describe key concepts, and much more on Peclers(+) B.I.Y
Blend-It-Yourself Analyzing the ingredients in a beauty product can be complex. DIY Home remedies and natural beauty trends have now evolved into a new concept of personalized beauty-crafting treatments from the comforts of home. LOLI, a subscription box company for beauty products, delivers natural products each month to be concocted into the kitchen, making it customizable for everyone. Understanding the products and knowing the truth about the ingredients could be the new wellness solution for the future of beauty industry.

Instagram + Branding With over 200 million users, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing platforms for brands to promote themselves and to reach the new generation… With specific social network with specific codes, branding on Instagram is not an easy process. It’s no surprise that the platform became a specific marketing niche, while certain agencies, like InstaBrand and Snapfluence, are launching to help brands connect with social media users and communicate and promote products properly and efficiently.


1. Anil Can@fuckingcoolthings sur #Guccigram 2. Stephane Baumont @oneeyegirl sur #Guccigram

Non + Model If diversity is any indication of the future of fashion, fashion week just became more interesting than the clothes themselves. With continuous conversation about standard beauty on the runway, models with unconventional style and look are taking over the catwalk from the top models who were once called by their first names. Coined by designers Eckhaus Latta from New York, nodels are non-models with uncommon appearance who give singularity to the collection and redefine the meaning of standard beauty. Perhaps the days of size two and blond hair models on the catwalk will come to an end.


1. Tawan by Mark Fitton 2. Grace Dunham for Eckhaus Latta


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