FW25-26 Beauty & Wellness Trends – The Culture of Care

Since the pandemic, well-being has become a fundamental pillar of our lives. For all our concerns, it generates a glimmer of optimism and the possibility of retrieving a sense of harmony with ourselves, others and the world around us.

This quest for wellness prompts us to subvert standards and counter conventions using creativity as a vehicle to open new territories of expression. It encourages us to take better care of our health, supported by progress and advanced scientific and technological innovation. It also invites us to explore new feelings, especially the ambivalent emotions triggered by climate change that affects our perception of the world.

Finally, it inspires us to reconnect with community, in its deepest sense, and to tap the feeling of fulfillment that comes from arts and crafts that promote discipline, sobriety and the power of the collective.

The Beauty & Wellness trend book is an essential source of intelligence into key sociocultural and creative trends for the beauty and cosmetics industry. 4 seasonal trends featuring:

  • Identification and analysis of key macro trends
  • Emerging Archestyles® and lifestyles
  • Exclusive colors and harmonies with surface effects
  • Creative scenarios for all markets: make-up, beauty care, packaging, ingredients and fragrances
  • Exclusive videos content with innovative products

Dive into the universe of the FW25-26 Beauty & Wellness trend book with an exclusive extract: