SS25 Women’s Fashion trends: Dynamic and tactile emotions!

The spring and summer seasons plunge us into a desire for pleasure, exuberance and a search for well-being.

We reconnect with our senses and emotions, historical transmissions resurge and are worked authentically by updating know-how and craftsmanship while focusing on materials with a certain roughness. We need to satisfy our tactile and visual senses for urban everyday living by renewing comforting, comfortable and functional standards.

The connection with nature benefits from the input of technological innovations that let us live with it in climatic adaptations while preserving it by developing natural materials… though it is also
a source of aesthetic inspiration.

Our femininity is intensified by the sun and heat with strong sexy colors in athletic, voluptuous or revealing looks.

Our SS25 Women’s Fashion trend book is an indispensable reference designed to meet the needs of all segments of women’s fashion.

Based on 4 stories Emotional heritage, Regeneration, Satisfying and Radiant which all include:

  • An exclusive color range
  • Cultural and artistic references
  • Product presentation: exclusive and detailed product silhouettes
  • Focus on sustainable practices and essential sustainable products
  • Fabric and print samples
  • Ideas for prints
  • Exclusive embellishments

Dive into our trend book by discovering an exclusive extract: